Executive Recruitment Service

AB Professional is a recruitment specialist with a proven track record in Thailand market. We provide staffing solutions specifically designed to meet the unique challenges companies...

Temporary Staff and Outsourcing

AB Professional provides solutions specifically designed to meet the unique challenges companies today for your needs. As an international recruitment specialist we understand...

Payroll Management Service

It's not just about getting money into the hands of the people who work for you - there's a whole raft of local taxation regulation you need to consider. Our local payroll professionals can implement...

peoplespace solution

We provide serviced office space in prime office buildings in Bangkok. Flexibility is the key when you are thinking about your business. No need to worry about tied up into leases or additional...


If you are looking for a new opportunity, feel free to drop us your CV. We will actively keep searching for a new chance and bring your talent and skills to match with the right position.


To reduce the inefficiency of working with multiple parties, such as contact lawyer or accounting firm to start up company, finding location to set up perfect office for your business, refurbish the empty and buying furniture to decorate the office, working with multiple recruiters and time wasted of posting jobs on website to search for candidates, contacting many parties to find temporary staff to assisting you on promoting your product or service, and handling payroll for your staff. We can do it all for you! AB Professional offers one-stop business process outsourcing and human capital solution customize to meet your needs.

List of our solution

  • Provide hassle free company registration
  • Ready Serviced Office for your business and administration support
  • Searching for the right person for staffing solution
  • Temporary staff assisting to promote your product and services
  • Professional payroll support for your team